Driving lessons 
In High Wycombe, Lane End and Stokenchurch

I am now semi retired and no longer take on new students with no past driving experience.
The reason for this is a new student with no prior experience means a long term relationship in terms of time to learn to drive and prepare for a test.

I am however taking on a small number of students who have either failed a test and need help to prepare for a new test or perhaps anyone who's been away from driving and needs a refresher, in other words short term relationships. If your not sure please use my contact page.

Learning to drive around High Wycombe, Lane End or Stokenchurch would benefit from 90 minute driving lessons to allow finding a suitable location for a lesson. However due to availability or the subject of the lesson a 60 minute lesson may well be appropriate.  

Budget with PAYG driving lessons 

  • 1 hr driving lesson on a PAYG Basis - 26  > more - buy
  • 1.5 hrs driving lesson on a PAYG Basis - 39  > more - buy
  • 2 hrs driving lesson on a PAYG Basis - 50  > more - buy  

Block bookings  

To save money consider buying a block of 10 hours driving tuition. In an attempt to keep things simple I offer an introductory discount of 239 for new students a saving of 21 while future block bookings of 10 hours are 249 a saving of 11 both discounts offering savings over standard hourly rates.

if you don't need all 10 hours tuition I will refund the remaining hours
> more

if after 5 hours you are not happy with the service I provide then I will refund you the remaining hours > more  


Block bookings of 10 hours can be used to put together an intensive driving course.
example: Two blocks of 10 hours plus plenty of family practice may be sufficient for some students. This could include attendance for a driving test. This would work out at 488 for a 20 hour course. Additional hours if necessary can be added at standard hourly rate.

The number of driving lessons necessary for most new drivers to be ready for a driving test will vary depending on ability but it would not be unreasonable to allow somewhere between 20 and 30 hours for an intensive course of lessons.

If you wish to learn to drive within a holiday or short period when you are available you need to know the how the DVSA booking system works and plan ahead please see below.

To book a practical driving test you must have passed a THEORY TEST - click here for more  

You have to pass a theory test and the lead time may be 3 to 6 weeks. Once you have a Theory Test Pass number you can book a practical test. In the High Wycombe area the lead time for a test is approximately 8 to 12 weeks, more in school holidays (often 12 to 16 weeks) so to pass the theory and practical tests from scratch would often take 3 to 5 months, though cancellation tests do become available. Please ring me for more information.


The Driving Instructor 
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