How many lessons will it take to pass my driving test?

How many driving lessons will you need to pass your driving test?  Well, we are not all the same, we learn different things at different rates. What one person finds easy another finds difficult.

So to be realistic somewhere between 20 and 30 hours would cover most complete beginners. 

Save money and time with home study

If you are prepared to do a little homework before each lesson, perhaps 10 minutes of reading we will probably spend less time talking about each subject in the car and more time putting it into practice.

It is common sense that some home study and practice with a family member or friend will reduce the average number of hours with an instructor to pass the test. 

I can provide Free Theory Test training aids, access to Free practical lesson plans to help you prepare for each lesson and a structured approach to learning how to drive confidently and safely so you are confident of passing your driving test. 

So using the LDC training aids to help you learn the theory behind the practical lessons means we can spend more time practising our driving around High Wycombe and less time talking. For a link to the LDC lesson briefs click the link.

This is why it is important to select the right driving school and training approach. Of course this involves a certain amount of commitment from my student to help me during the learning process.


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