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Driving test changes 4th December 2017

The changes to the driving test does not really change what a new driver has been taught during lessons with a professional instructor. The changes are to the subjects tested. Below is a summary of what the new test will ask of you.

  1. The independent drive will last for 20 minutes, increased from 10
  2. Following directions from a satnav (in most cases)
  3. Reversing maneuvers to include either of the following-
    parallel park at the side of the road
    bay park driving in reversing out or reversing in driving out
    pull up on the right kerb reverse back two cars lengths rejoin traffic
  4. The new driver will be asked show me tell me questions whilst driving
    eg "show me how to use the front windscreen wipers"

Click here for the .GOV website relating to the test changes 

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The LDC System of driving tuition is very good, and will help New drivers taking just a few moments to read the relevant lesson before a driving lesson. 
For those preparing for the driving test please read this page more >

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