Help for new learner drivers in High Wycombe, Lane End and Stokenchurch.

Note to parents -
If your son or daughter have not shown any real enthusiasm or interest in learning to drive it will be difficult. If there are other things going on such as exams, sport clubs, dancing lessons, horses, jobs etc, despite wanting to spend less time driving your son or daughter around, they will be unlikely to make the necessary effort to find the time and inclination to accommodate driving lessons in their busy lifestyle.

Learning to drive from start to test may take 4 or 5 months just to get test appointments.

Getting a provisional driving license

Before learning to drive the student must be of the lawful age. Generally this means they must be 17 years of age, but if they are in receipt of the higher rate of disability allowance they can start to learn how to drive when they reach their 16th birthday. 

Applications for a provisional driving license can be submitted up to 2 months before the license is due to start. The student is not allowed to drive on the road until they are in possession of the license, and not until they have turned 17 (or 16 if that applies.) Their eyesight must also meet the required standard laid down by the DSA (read a standard number plate from 20 meters)

You need a D1 application form, which can be obtained from most post offices or you can apply on line by clicking the link below - 

Apply here - DirectGov Apply online for first provisional license  

Your license has arrived - Where to start

You must pass a theory test before you can apply for a Practical driving test. So I would suggest swatting up on the Theory Test first. This test is in two parts 1) Questions with multi choice answers and 2) Hazzard videos, both parts must be passed at the one sitting.

I provide FREE theory test training materials for my students that buy driving lessons using my block booking discounts. SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE for more

Get professional driving lessons first

It may be expected for a driving instructor to recommend professional instruction, but here's the interesting thing, students who have come to me after several hours of driving with parents have picked up their bad habits. An instructor will get a new driver off to a solid foundation and not waste time and money later trying to get the student out of the bad habits passed on by parents.

Driving a car is one thing -
Driving it safely to test standard is something quite different
Dual controls are a great confidence booster for learner drivers as its safer to let them have a try knowing the instructor will keep them safe .

My advice would be to look at booking a starter package of 10 hours for 220 then consider a block booking top up of 10 hours for 239 and see how ready you think you then for your test. Lots of practice between professional lessons can make a big difference to the number of hours to prepare for the test.  

Strong Recommendation for homework

I do recommend the following book which covers all the elements you will need to prepare for your driving test. The LDC (Learner Driver Center) Driving Skills Workbook, (there is also a very good DVD)  is a great way to learn the theory behind each lesson before putting it into practice during the lesson.

I can explain what must be done and how, and make training material available so helpers can see what we are trying to achieve so we all work together, or if you have bought the LDC workbook we would all work to that.

I will not move onto the the next subject until my student is happy and confident to do so.

The best time and place for lessons

First driving lessons - Daylight and having time to move to a suitable practice area within a 90 minute lesson.

Picking up from school or work - will not be a problem when the student is sufficiently capable of moving the car around safely  dealing with other road users, roundabouts etc.

Consider the following points -

  • Time of day - busy times for traffic
  • Time of year - new drivers in the dark?
  • Distance from appropriate practice area
  • Enough time for lesson subject 

My suggestion for a driving plan for new drivers

I would suggest perhaps a block of ten hours to get the basics correct before getting out and practicing with helpers. DSVA expectations for learner drivers has changed dramatically these last few years and it may come as a shock but many parents may not be capable of passing a modern driving test, so they don't make the best teachers for beginners. Sorry parents!   

Practice makes perfect 

Once the basics are in place I would welcome helping parents or anyone else to help with lessons (they must be over 21 years old and held a full license for at least three years and still have a current driving license).

There is no reason why learning how to pass a driving test and drive well should be difficult or painful. I enjoy teaching and I hope students will look forward to their next driving lesson. 

How many lessons before my Test?

Often the first question I am asked is how many lessons will I need? It is of course an impossible question to answer honestly. The national average can be found on this DVSA website link but its about 50% pass first time. 

It is possible for newbies to start from scratch and pass their driving test first time within 20 hours with a lots of practice and some home study. I would say that if a student either does not have the time or is not inclined to look at the theory before a lesson in the car, it may take longer and of course cost more money. I would budget for at least 20 hours if I were a complete newbie and be prepared to buy more if necessary nearer the test. I have had student pass with less than 20 hours plus lots of practice, we would work together to decide when it worth booking a test.

What about the Theory Test? I can help here to.

A learner drivers can take their theory test at any point after they are 17 (and when they have their provisional license.) Although it is only valid for 2 years so there is no point taking it if they aren't planning on learning to drive fairly soon afterwards. Also, it can be easier if they have some driving lessons to develop some driving skills and a sense of hazard awareness before taking the Theory Test.

A great resource for on the new official DVSA website its FREE take a look by clicking this link - DirectGov Learning to drive or ride

I provide FREE Theory Test training for students within the High Wycombe area please click the link for more information click here

Continue with your practical driving lessons. The modern day practical driving test is far more demanding than it used to be. Learner drivers are expected to show far greater levels of awareness, forward planning and control than ever before, the benefits of this increased training is born out out by the UK having amongst the best road safety record in Europe.

Qualified instructors are tested by the DVSA regularly to make sure they are up to date with the latest rules and requirements for the driving test, and I can tell you many things have changed since I learn't to drive and can honestly say without the training I would not have passed a current driving test. 

I will help you organise your practice with family and friends. Its counter productive to have your instructor telling you one thing and family members something else. Take a look at the Basic Skills page for a summary of the items you need to learn and links to lesson plans.

As well as teaching you the practical skills I will also help you by answering any questions you may have with the theory questions and point out how they apply to real life driving.

The recommended LDC training materials, including lesson briefs available for FREE on their website make training video's available so you can see a practical demonstration as many times as you like, you can plan your driving lesson preparation and keep a record of your progress. See the shop for training suggestions or have a chat with me for up to date help and suggestions.

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