Feedback from previous students in High Wycombe area

Some students have been kind enough to send me feedback on the services I provide.

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Dawn Hanley - July 2017

Thank you Glyn for helping me get through my test.

Will House - March 2017

Throughout the lessons I had with Glyn, he was always very supportive and never fails to provide great advice and constructive criticism. He has superb knowledge of Wycombe and its test routes, as well as secure and reliable methods toward teaching manoeuvres. I would definitely recommend his service.

Amelia Wiess - January 2017 

Glyn was 100% the best instructor I could have asked for. Being an extremely apprehensive and slow learner, he was exceptionally patient and allowed me to take my time. His knowledge and experience within the industry put me at ease, as I knew I was in the best hands possible! I would highly recommend Glyn to any new drivers out there. Thank you!!X

Grace Libra - January 2017 

When thinking about and planning on learning to drive, I wanted an instructor that not only taught me thoroughly and safely on how to become a good driver out on the roads, but also an instructor that had a good sense of humour and made me feel at ease in the car. Glyn did exactly this, from my first lesson to my test he helped me grow and develop my driving, gain confidence, as well as keeping myself and others safe. I've hugely enjoyed learning with Glyn and everything he's taught me to help pass my test with 0 minors! I'd recommend him to anyone.Thank you Glyn!

Ella Calder - December 2106 

As a very apprehensive learner, it was essential that my driving instructor made me feel at ease when in the car. From my very first lesson, Glyn did exactly this and reassured me that I would always be safe in the car, which allowed me to improve each week, making the process of learning to drive a lot more enjoyable. I found that Glyn not only prepared me for my test, but also wanted to ensure that I had the necessary skills to drive independently, with confidence, after I had passed. For me, Glynís teaching technique was highly beneficial, meaning we covered all the necessary elements of driving at a comfortable rate, meaning I felt fully prepared for my test. Thank you so much Glyn for teaching me so well and helping me pass first time!

Daniel McDougle - November 2106 

Glyn surpassed all my expectations for a driving instructor. As well as his avid love for driving and the automobile industry, he conveyed a great volume and depth of knowledge in ways I could understand quickly and easily. He was always on time and consistently had lessons pre-planned so that the hours were used efficiently. His guidance for the theory and practical tests were superb and definitely made a the difference when the important days came. For anyone needing an organised, knowledgeable driving instructor with a good sense of humour and plenty of charm, I would highly recommend Glyn as the man for the job. 

George Woodbridge - October 2106 (thats George at the top)

Glyn is definitely the best driving instructor. Right from the start he has helped and supported me throughout my driving education. Not only has he instructed me with a wealth of experience and knowledge, he has also become a great friend. He is always considerate and understanding throughout driving lessons, and he exudes an aura of calm which has helped me gain confidence in my driving, faster. It really is thanks to him that I managed to pass my test as he meticulously goes through every aspect of driving, from bay parking to dual-carriageways. Unlike most driving instructors, his main aim is not only to get you to pass the test, but it's to give you the necessary education to drive safely and confidently (and also at a competitive price!). Thank you so much Glyn for helping me pass my test!

Robyn Colley - August 2106

From the first lesson Glyn made me feel confident and comfortable in the car. He is always on time and you can trust him not to get you into any trouble, by the second lesson we were talking almost consistently and it didn't feel as though there was any pressure or tension at all. Thanks to Glyn, I passed my test first time and before my 18th birthday which was amazing! Thank you so much for everything.

Sarah Badru - August 2016

Thank you for your support and help,it has been an absolute pleasure. I hope I make you proud and show everyone the amazing teacher you are. Thank you again Sarah

Sam Krasner - March 2016

When thinking about what I was looking for in a driving instructor, three main things came to mind. It was important to have someone with good knowledge of driving, as well as being an experienced instructor; someone who was patient and understanding, especially when things did not go as planned; and, above all, someone who I could get along exceptionally well with, thus making the lessons ever so much more enjoyable. From my very first lesson, Glyn demonstrated all of these qualities and more. The process of learning to drive swiftly became simple and stress-free. I developed great trust in Glyn and so I always felt, and continue to feel, safe behind the wheel of a car. Glynís online calendar is incredibly beneficial. It makes booking lessons as simple as possible and it is easy to see his availability in order to fit driving around other things in your life. A very unique aspect to Glynís teaching is that he sets homework, which allowed me to come prepared to each and every lesson. Not only did this increase my confidence as I knew the theory behind what I was doing, but it saved valuable lesson time, permitting much more driving to get done each week. Above all, it was a genuine pleasure learning to drive with Glyn. Every hour spent with him was fun and enjoyable, and I would happily do it all again. I would recommend Glynís services to absolutely anyone and I strongly encourage you to take this opportunity to gain access to newfound independence. 

Katie Newell - February 2016

Glyn is one of the most patient instructors there is! After having to change instructors and choosing Glyn I was very nervous...but Glyn always kept me calm and made me aware that I could drive! He taught me so much and I will take so much away with me from my lessons! Thanks to Glyn, I was able to past my test first time and the day before I turned 18! I will never forget learning with Glyn and I cannot thank him enough for all he's done for me! He truly changed me into a much more happy and confident driver! Thank you so much Glyn!

Toby Roberts-Moore - February 2016

Glyn is a great instructor, he made me feel comfortable and relaxed in the car and provided a great learning environment. Lessons were easy to book online, and with his new app, you could access all of the relevant information in the build up to the test. Would highly recommend Glyn for any new learner drivers. 

Jennifer Owen - January 2016 

Glyn strikes an excellent balance between developing some banter and chit chat to put you at ease, without ever letting you lose your concentration. He's excellent at judging your ease with the environment, and knows when to push you or tell you off, and when to give reassuring words.
He's not the type to compliment endlessly, so if he gives praise, you know its because he means it.
His recaps at the beginning and end of each lesson were some of the most important parts in my learning, as he made me evaluate my own progress rather than just talking at me. Another great advantage of learning with Glyn is his flexibility. Being able to book lessons around my schedule was invaluable as my availability changed week to week.
Not only did I pass first time thanks to Glyn, I also enjoyed every moment of the learning process.

Thanks again.

Lauren Jacobs - January 2016

I would highly recommend Glyn to anyone. He was very supportive and put me at ease while learning to drive. I passed my test first time,without Glyns experience this wouldn't of been possible.. Thank you

Hannah Csumrik - November 2015 

Glyn is a great instructor and was always on time. We had lots of laughs whilst learning and he got me to pass my test first time! I would highly recommend him!

Paul Jemmett - November 2015 

Learning to drive with Glyn has been an absolute pleasure. When I first started to learn I was nervous and a bit anxious, however these mental blocks faded quickly due to Glyn's teaching style, understanding nature and patience. Over time learning with Glyn helped my confidence grow and this helped me develop the key skills that I required to pass my test first time. Not only were Glyn lessons excellent and well structured, but having the ability to book online adds that extra dimension of ease and is something that not many of his competitors offer - again showing Glyn to be ahead of the curve. Top instructor, top lessons and a top bloke, I highly, highly recommend Glyn's services to you.

Charlotte Littleford - October 2015 

Glyn is an amazing instructor and would definitely recommend! When I started to learn to drive with Glyn I was nervous but this soon changed as Glyn helped me build my confidence! It was super easy to book lessons with his online system which other instructors don't offer. Glyn was always calm and explained things through and talked about how we could improve. Would highly recommend! 

Natalia Rybska - September 2015

Lessons with Glyn were fantastic! Always on time and end of the lesson included little brief on how we did. Loved the idea of homework to prepare for the next time. Glyn has a very good way of explaining and is very calm when mistakes are being made. I would definitely recommend Glyn! Thank you for the first time pass!

William Maxwell - September 2015 

Glyn is a great driving instructor and his lessons are really well organised and understandable. When I started my lessons with Glyn I was really nervous but excited. Thanks to him my confidence grew as he encourages you to not be afraid to ask if you don't understand at first.

James Clare - September 2015

Glyn has been a brilliant driving instructor. He was never late and was never rushing to get away at the end of the lesson.

There are situations where learning to drive can get a little stressful because there are so many things to consider in such a short space of time but Glyn was very patient and calm the entire time and will tell you if you need to do something differently.

It was very reassuring to know that he was there on a second set of pedals so if you did do something wrong he was there to correct if you didn't know how to.

He would give you a section of the book to read before the next lesson so that you had an idea of what you were about to do rather than throwing you in at the deep end.

He has been a brilliant driving instructor and I would gladly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive 

Beki Lamb - September 2015

I would recommend Glyn to all my friends. He was a joy to learn to drive with and I always looked forward to our lessons. I can't recommend him highly enough. Always punctual, he diffused nerves with gentle humour, and he always made me feel more confident in my ability.

Ella Swinhoe - August 2015

Glyn was such a great driving instructor! When I started I had no confidence and Glyn really built that up! He was very patient (which was much needed sometimes!) and went through everything in detail until I was sure of myself! He was never a minute late and would defiantly recommend him! Thank you Glyn, for getting me a first time pass! 

Halina Hutanu - July 2015

Dear Glyn, I am very grateful to you for helping to pass the practical test! Thanks a lot you believed in me and took me to prepare just for few lessons before the test. As a holder of an international driving license, I've been taught in my original country absolutely different way. And these little things, for the first look, play a big role in passing the test. Glyn answered all my questions and explained why you have to do this and be aware of doing other things. He is high professional instructor with a huge experience in driving. I would definitely recommend everybody to study with Glyn, doesn't matter if you are a new driver or experienced driver with international driving license.

Max Le Count-Ward - July 2015

Fantastic teacher! Very patient and works hard to build confidence within his students. Passed 1st time with Glyn

Olga Kovikova - June 2015

How was Glyn Time keeping? Very Good Would you recommend Glyn to others? Yes he's a great instructor

Thank you very much for teaching me how to drive and helping me pass my test! As an international driver, obtaining a British driving license seemed too daunting, but your calm approach really put me at my ease. Lessons taught me what to expect during the test, and provided me with the confidence gained through proper preparation. Your expert guidance was invaluable.
Thank you once again.

Tara Smyth - May 2015

How was Glyn Time keeping? Very Good 
Would you recommend Glyn to others? Yes he's a great instructor 

 Glyn is an absolute darling. I had lessons in London before I changed to Glyn and it was instantly clear who was the better instructor! He really helped me to understand what I needed to do and why, in order to keep myself and the car safe. I will never be able to express enough how perfect his teaching was to me, and although it was a long and tough ride, I can finally say that I have passed and it wouldn't have happened without Glyn!! I have recommended him to all my friends and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for the best instructor in town.

Louis Mills - March 2015

How was Glyn Time keeping? Very Good 
Would you recommend Glyn to others? Yes he's a great instructor 
I had Glyn for only a few months, And in those few months I have to say I had a great time learning with him. He's always very kind when driving around, he never got angry or annoyed with me which was a relief and I always felt good after finishing a lesson with him. Thanks to Glyn I was able to pass my test which was very exciting.

Mitchell Carter - March 2015

How was Glyn Time keeping? Very Good
Would you recommend Glyn to others? Yes he's a great instructor

Things you should consider before using this driving instructor 
1. Always has a smile on his face and happy to see you 
2. Goes through all points of driving in ways you can understanding 
3. Always gives credit where credit is due 
4. Acknowledges your abilities and where you could improve 
5. Well thought out lessons plans that you Can follow 
6. Easy accessible online dairy planning around your work schedules 
Glyn is an excellent and professional instructor and would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you Glyn for all your help in preparing me for entering the driving world, and hope you enjoyed the tours.

Jessica McLaughlin 2014

Would you recommend Glyn to others? Yes he's a great instructor
Thank you Glyn for everything! I passed my test yesterday and feel like a confident and capable driver thanks to you. From the very first lessons I had with you where I started from scratch, the detailed workbook you provided, the free theory test software and advice - I knew that you were a true professional. Every lesson you arrived early/on time with a smile and your calm, methodical and organised manner put me at ease and ensured that every situation I would encounter, or manoeuvre I had to learn, was done in a way that I understood and felt comfortable with. I was quite nervous at times but you put me at ease by explaining every process clearly and showing me I had nothing to fear as long as I knew how to deal with each situation. You always went the extra mile, and I have already, and will continue to recommend you to anyone needing any driving tuition. All the best for the future Glyn - and thanks!

Julia Fletcher 2014

"Having had months of lessons with another instructor and suffering from a crippling lack of confidence I started lessons with Glyn not sure if I would ever be able to pass. Glyn's patient and calm manner really helped me to make progress and gain confidence in my ability to drive and he has a very simple and clear way of explaining things. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Glyn to anyone."

Derryl Casey 2014

Cannot fault what so ever, always turned up on time with a friendly, helpful manner. Always happy to give clarification and goes through different manoeuvres methodically but in an easy to understand way. Also offers plenty of support and encouragement which certainly helps. 

How was Glyns time keeping Very good
Would you recommend Glyn to others? Yes he's a great instructor

Simon Ramsey  2014

Glyn is very good at what he dose, if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have passed. My advice is to  listen to him and he will do the best he can to help you and explain things in a way you can understand. Don't hesitate to ask him questions and like me you could pass first time.

Megan House June  2014 

Glyn was a very friendly and calm driving instructor. He always gave very clear instructions and tips as well. I would definitely recommend Glyn as an instructor. 
Glyns time keeping was very good
Would you recommend Glyn to others - Yes he's a great instructor

Rebecca Lavery April  2014 

I had loads of lessons with another instructor and was getting nowhere as I was so nervous.Glyn really helped me with my fear and was always patient.He was always on time and flexible. I never believed I would pass my test and I did!!!! I would really recommend Glyn to anybody,but especially to anyone who is nervous or anxious about driving.  
Glyns time keeping was very good
Would you recommend Glyn to others - Yes he's a great instructor

Tim Seeborne - Marlow January 2014

"Glyn is an absolutely fantastic instructor who keeps a relaxed atmosphere, which is essential when you are learning to drive. He is able to walk the fine line between keeping a lesson fun and informative. He was extremely flexible with timetabling lessons, and was always punctual for picking me up. The car that Glyn uses is very easy to control, and has lots of good reference points for the manoeuvres. Glyn can quickly assess where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and tailors his lessons around this, but if you have something you would like to work on instead he is more than happy to help with that." 

Marijn Rubens - Lane End August 2013 

Glyn was a great instructor, all I could hope for when it comes to learning to drive. He was always on time, and would patiently go through anything I was struggling with, or anything i couldn't do very well, until I could do it. I passed first time and so couldn't ask for anything more, Thanks very much, would definitely recommend.  

Mike Martini - High Wycombe - May 2013

Very good and patient instructor/person. Glyn filled me with a lot of confidence and was so very flexible when arranging appointments and test days and very knowledgable. Overall i was extremely pleased that i chose him to teach me to drive...

Samantha Metayer - Marlow - April 2013

Glyn was an excellent, professional and amazing instructor/coach. He has a friendly teaching approach and makes you feel at ease whilst learning, even for the most nervous and like me, who was lacking in confidence. He made me feel at ease and always explained each step clearly, giving you a clear insight as to what you are doing. When things went wrong, he calmly explains it to you and helps you through the process. He was positive throughout our lessons, was very encouraging and helped me build up my confidence on the road. I looked forward to our lessons, he has a good sense of humour and have since gained a friend. I highly recommend Glyn, I shall miss our lessons and friendy banter. However I am delighted to have passed and restored my confidence as a new driver with Glyn's excellent help. Many thanks Mr Fletcher and all the very best!

Emmanuel Oluwaseyi - Flackwell Heath - March 2013

Glyn Fletcher is really an amazing and professional instructor and a coach. I almost gave up on driving instructors with my experience with the previous instructor simply because they do not want to understand how one's feel and they are after money. Glyn blew my mind with his friendly and understanding approach regardless of my background and stayed positive through out telling me that I can pass the test first time and I did. I highly recommend Glyn as a brilliant instructor.

Toby McNally - High Wycombe January 2013

Glyn was a brilliant instructor. He was always very calm, friendly and i always felt very relaxed whilst driving, which is essential when learning to drive. He always explained everything clearly before proceeding and i never felt like i could fail with his instructions. He guided me to pass my theory first time and also my practical first time after only 21 hours of lessons. I honestly couldn't recommend Glyn enough. thank you. ..

Janet Johnson- High Wycombe May 2012

Glyn is an amazing instructor. Very patient and really comes down to your level when explaining things. After a couple of lessons, I was able to grasp many concepts I had struggled with. I had many lessons with other instructors before I started with Glyn and there was a huge difference. He was quick to point out and correct things I was doing wrong. The atmosphere of the lessons are always enjoyable, easy-going and he's only positively critical of your faults. More importantly, he helped me deal with my nerves which did have a tendency to go to pieces when I made a mistake or stalled the car. I would definitely recommend him as an A-star driving instructor! 

Instructors Comment -

Janet had confidence problems when she came to me having failed her test a couple of times. Showing Janet how to deal with problems when they crop up steadily increased her confidence. 

Veronica Olaussen - Marlow July 2012 

Glyn Fletcher was a very good driving instructor. He was kind and gentle. He was good at explaining things to me both before and after and showing me how to improve. I appreciate his patience and calm manner. He has a good sense of humour and was encouraging

Anna Fletcher from Marlow October 2012

Glyn has been a very professional instructor and was always punctual. In just over 2 months of instruction with Glyn I passed my test having been an extremely nervous beginner. My lessons were fun and informative and I now feel confident as a newly qualified driver.

Instructors comment: Anna passed her driving test first time finding that knowing what to do when things go wrong increased her confidence which meant she did look forward to her next lesson. Anna was also heavily pregnant and under a fair amount of pressure to pass, and gave birth just three weeks after passing her test, so well done Anna

Richard from Speen High Wycombe November 2012

Glyn was a fantastic instructor. I found myself looking forward to our lessons and he always made me feel safe, confident and comfortable in the car. He is very quick to find any weaknesses you may have with your driving and will help you tweak and hone your skills in a positive and constructive way. I couldnít be happier with the whole experience from the first lesson to passing my test first time, I highly recommend Glyn as an excellent instructor and a really nice guy.

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